Vetting Commission Dismisses Prosecutor Arqile Koça

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) dismissed Prosecutor Arqile Koça of the General Prosecution Office. The KPK judicial body members Elteda Çiftja, Roland Ilia and Firdes Shuli took the decision against the prosecutor on grounds of not justifying his assets.

In Prosecutor Koça’s previous hearing few days ago, the KPK found no issues with his professional proficiency, background and asset declaration. Today, the KPK pressed the prosecutor on a soft loan he had received in 2000.

The prosecutor had obtained a €40 thousand loan claiming he was homeless. Four months later he had benefited part of the building of a former state company in Korça that went privatized.

The KPK demanded that the prosecutor explain why he hadn’t withdrawn from the privatization process given that he had obtained a soft loan as a homeless person earlier.

Arqile Koça worked at the General Prosecution Office for 15 years. In December 2018, he replaced former prosecutor Rovena Gashi and headed the Office of Foreign Jurisdictional Relations.