Doctors Protest Violence Against Them

Doctors of the main hospital in Albania – University Medical Center of Tirana “Mother Teresa” (QSUT)– staged a protest today, following the recent violence against two physicians in Lezha by patients and their relatives. Protesting doctors expressed their frustration and lack of security that put them under constant pressure at work.

“We are under constant threat by family members. We understand [their situation], but we are not the ones who should suffer the consequences. We are here to offer our help with all what we have at hand. We work 24/7 at the emergency room,” a physician said.

Another physician said that one of the reasons pushing them to leave the country is the violence and the insecurity they face in their daily work.

Doctors also raised their concern about the low salaries and the fact that not all practicing specialists are paid, depending on the contract the government provides.

Three cases of violence against physicians were recorded in the recent days. The latest one involved the beating of a doctor in Lezha by a patient who demanded to be seen without waiting his turn.

Responding to the case, the Ministry of Health issued instructions banning family members to enter the emergency area in hospitals and setting limited visiting hours to see patients.