Six More Opposition MPs Take Up Parliamentary Mandates

The Central Election Commission (KQZ) assigned parliamentary mandates to six more candidates in the party lists of opposition’s PD and LSI.

– Lefter Maliqi will replace Astrit Veliaj (PD) in Berat;

– Ligoraq Karamelo will replace Klevis Balliu (PD) in Korça.

– Majlinda Halilaj will replace Gent Strazimiri (PD) in Tirana.

– Elda Hoti will replace Viktor Tushaj (LSI) in Lezha.

– Ediola Braha will replace Vangjel Tavo (LSI) in Gjirokastra.

– Edlira Hyseni will replace Nora Malaj (LSI) in Durrës.

Another candidate in the PD’s list has announced he will accept his parliamentary mandate. During the last opposition protest last week, Alban Zeneli of the Kukës district spoke to the crowd and declaimed that he would not take up the mandate. However, a couple of days later he did the opposite– he started the procedure to become an MP by submitting the decriminalization form to the KQZ. Alban Zeneli is expected to replace Flamur Noka (PD).

The six new MPs will be sworn in the next parliament session.