Vetting Commission Dismisses Head of Tropoja Court

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) dismissed Judge Dritan Seci, Head of the Tropoja Court. The vetting commission body composed of Roland Ili, Valbona Sanxhaktari and Olsi Komici found issues with judge’s asset declaration and professional proficiency.

The KPK found discrepancies in Judge Seci’s asset declaration and lack of legitimate financial resources for the purchase of an apartment in 2012. Additionally, the KPK raised doubts about the business activity of judge’s wife, who runs a pharmacy and has declared different annual income for several years to the vetting commission compared with the data available at the Kukws tax office.

The vetting commission also found that Judge Dritan Seci had been paying electricity and water bills for another apartment in Tirana, which Seci had not included in his asset declaration. The judge defended himself saying that he had sold the apartment but he had failed to change the name from the contracts.

There were three complaints submitted by citizens against Judge Dritan Seci’s professional proficiency. The KPK found violations in two of the cases. In one case, the judge had changed the qualification of the parties without any explanation and without an interim decision. In another case, he had closed the case and had not notified one of the parties, thus making it impossible for the case to be appealed.

The vetting commission has dismissed seven heads of district courts so far: Dritan Seci (Tropoja), Izet Kadana (Puka), Admir Belishat (Korça), Agron Vavla (Berat), Alltun Çela (Saranda), Alfred Gjoni (Kurbin) and Arben Zefi Shkoder). Head of Lezha Court Ornela Naqellari is expected to go through vetting in the coming days.