What’s On in Tirana, March 13th – 20th

This is the Exit guide to what’s on in the city over the next 7 days!

Summer day @Tirana Ekspres (The alternative art space of Tirana) on March 14th

As you already know most of this year’s  Summer’s Day celebration will be postponed to March 17th, but this event at Tirana Ekspres will celebrate on the exact day as expected.  Join the electro party with the special guest Oakwada from Italy and enjoy the lovely terrace that this location offers. Starting at 12 pm!

ANTIGONA @Experimental Theatre ‘Kujtim Spahivogli’ starting from March 14th

Antigona is a famous play- part of the dramatic series of Jean Anouilh based on Greek mythology. Antigona is a contemporary hero who inspired revolutionary thinking. You can watch this show starting from 14th of March until the end of the month. Check the schedule here!

Ritmi i milingonave @Tulla Culture Center on March 15th

This weekend at Tulla ‘Ritmi i milingonave’ will bring the underground scene of Berlin together with Albanian traditional music. The show will start 9 pm!

Lehar (Dyinamic) @Discobox on March 15th

Another great DJ will host an unforgettable night at Discobox. This Friday DJ Lehar will bring his own magic after 12 am. Warm up by Leo Ciko! As always, doors opening at 12 am.

Ghiaccioli e Branzini DJ SET @Destil on March 16th

Representing Italian stage, this DJ will perform in his unique style electronic and popular folk music. Coming from Florence, Ghiaccioli e Branzini has collaborated in different successful projects such as Hugolini, Carnazza etc. Enjoy this evening by being there at 9pm.

Springwalk @The Lake of Tirana on March 17th

Get your cameras ready and join this year’s Springwalk to welcome spring in our city. Learn about photography and walk together with a great group of people. The gathering will happen at Piramida and the final destination is the Lake of Tirana. Be there at 3 pm!

Celebrating Summer Day @Tirana on March 17th

The official celebrating of Summer Day has been postponed this year to March 17th! This Sunday there will be over 50 activities around the city for children and grown up. The main locations are: Skanderbeg Square, New Bazaar, Mother Teresa Square, The Lake of Tirana etc. Everything will start from 10 AM until late evening. Join the great performances, music and good vibes of this special day. Find the schedule here.

Street Party 2019 – Summer day @Blloku on March 17th

Are you ready for one of the biggest annual celebrations in Tirana? The favourite city-tradition will be back for its 6th anniversary. This year this event will host three main stages and 12 hours of music in the beautiful streets of Blloku. As every year the entrance is free.Be there at 12 pm.

Aikido for beginners @The Dojo on March 18th

It is never too late to learn a martial art! The Dojo centre in Tirana is offering this great opportunity for everyone who wants to learn what Aikido is and how can we implement it in our everyday life. Learn more about this unique sport by joining the team at 9:00 AM!

Women in Business Fair @Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania on March 19th

The second edition of Women in Business Fair will happen this week! Women will represent their work and products under the motto ‘Women Can’. The event will take place at Hall of Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy in Tirana. ​Entrance is free for all but you should confirm your presence before. Be there at 2 pm!

Movie Screening ‘Les Diaboliques’ @Cinema Agimi on March 20th

A French classic movie by Henri-Georges Clouzot will be screened for free at cinema Agimi. A great dramatic movie followed by a unique cast. The movie will be in French with Albanian subtitles. Be there at 7 pm!

Frisbee Game @Aquadrome Fields of Tirana on March 20th

Are you interested in learning a new sport? You should try Frisbee. This is an easy to learn sport for which you only need a flying disc (Frisbee) and your friends. Join the Frisbee team of Tirana in an entertaining game. Game starts at 7:30 pm!

— Alice Elizabeth Taylor