Albanians Protest Against “Parliament of Crime and Corrupt Government”

Albania’s opposition in holding its sixth rally in a month today. Protesters have gathered in front of the parliament building where a weekly session is taking place.

Three new MPs from opposition party lists took up their mandates in today’s parliamentary session. They replaced opposition MPs after opposition’s decision to vacate the parliament. Yesterday, President Ilir Meta said that the new opposition forming in parliament does not represent the will of people.

Protesters are holding banners reading “Parliament of Crime – Corrupt Government”. They are calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Edi Rama and for new elections to take place.

Police have surrounded the parliament area and blocked streets in city center. BIRN-affiliated Reporter reported that police did not let citizens use streets in the area to go to their jobs.

In several previous protests during this month police have used tear gas indiscriminately against crowds in response to attempts by a few protesters to break the fragile police cordon.