Vetting Commission Dismisses Head of Përmet Court Independent Qualification Commission (KPK)

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) dismissed Pashk Gjaci, Head of Përmet Court.

The KPK body composed of Olsi Komici, Valbona Sanxhaktari and Roland Ilia found issues with all the three evaluation criteria: asset declaration, professional proficiency and background.

The KPK found discrepancies in Judge Gjaci’s asset declaration and his legitimate financial resources. Gjaci had declared to own two building, a 3-storey house and two pieces of land.

Judge Gjaci defended himself claiming that he purchased these properties with profits from investing in real estate and from his previous job as a lawyer. However, the vetting commission ruled that Gjaci could not justify his assets with legitimate financial resources.

Information from the National Security Agency (DSIK) showed that the Gjirokastër Prosecution had charged Judge Gjaci for official misconduct. The DSIK report claimed that judge’s actions had “harmed his figure, integrity and credibility and made him a potential subject to organized crime influence.”

Several complaints had been filed against Judge Gjaci regarding his past rulings and lack of professional proficiency.