“New” Opposition Brings Parliament to 99 Deputies

The ranks of the “new” opposition, composed of those members of the opposition parties PD and LSI that decided to pick up the mandates of those MPs that resigned their seats, continue to grow. Today, the Central Election Commission (KQZ) approved 3 more deputies: Adriatik Alimadhi (PD), Arben Elezi (PD), and Agron Çela (LSI).

The PS currently has 76 deputies in Parliament, which gives them the majority of the seats required to pass regular legislation. There are also 4 MPs without party, two belonging to the former PDIU parliamentary group, one MP of the PSD, and one MP expelled by the PS.

Currently the opposition parties have the follows MPs in Parliament:

PD (6)
Myslim Murrizi
Rudina Hajdari
Ligoraq Karamelo
Alban Zeneli
Majlinda Halilaj
Lefter Maliqi

LSI (10)
Enda Koçiraj
Nimet Musai
Ralf Gjoni
Ylli Shehi
Aurora Mara
Erdiola Braha
Edlira Hyseni
Enver Roshi
Edmond Rrushi
Elda Hoti

With the three added, there will be total of 99 MPs in Parliament.

From the PD side, many of the new MPs do not historically belong to the PD, but were added to list from allied parties, after the McAllister+ agreement between Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha preceding the 2017 parliamentary elections (illegally) prohibited the formation of coalitions. As a result, the PD gave many of its allies (unelectable) positions on its candidate lists. These are now being picked up. Adriatik Alimadhi belongs to the National Front Party (PBK), Ligoraq Karamelo to the Union for Human Rights Party (PBDNj).