KLP Announces Official Candidate List for SPAK

Yesterday, the High Prosecutorial Council decided on the list of formally qualifying candidates for the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK):

Confirmed by vetting institutions with final decision:
Arben Kraja
Besnik Muçi
Dritan Prençi
Vate Staka

Confirmed without final decision:
Donika Prela

Not yet vetted, dossier opened by the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK):
Anton Martini
Behar Dibra
Besim Hajdarmataj
Doloreza Musabelliu
Edvin Kondili
Eugen Beci
Klodian Braho
Vladimir Mara
Altin Dumani
Enkeleda Millonai
Elisabeta Imeraj
Manjola Kajana

Not yet vetted, dossier not opened:
Ened Nakuçi
Shkëlzen Cena
Dorina Bejko
Enkeleda Xhengo
Elida Kaçkini
Maksim Sota
Ndini Tavani
Anita Jella

Several civil society organizations recently sounded the alarm over the fact that candidates for SPAK have not yet been given priority in the vetting process. Only 4 SPAK candidates have passed the vetting with a final decision, while the dossiers of 8 applicants have not even been opened yet. Furthermore, the KLP has violated the legal deadline for the establishment of SPAK, which was in February, two months after KLP’s formation. This delay is in part due to lack of adequate staffing and proper working conditions for the institution, including office space.

In an interview with Ora News, KLP chair Gent Ibrahimi stated that SPAK will be established at the moment that at least 10 Constitutionally required candidates have been vetted and approved by the KLP.

This procedure makes the selection of the 15 initial members of SPAK therefore contingent on the order in which the candidates are vetted, rather than solely the ranking of all 25 candidates based on their relative abilities and merit by the KLP. Ideally, all 25 SPAK applicants would be vetted and ranked before the best 15 are chosen to lead the arguably most important new justice institution.

In the same interview, Ibrahimi criticized the vetting institutions for “misinterpreting the law” in the case of the dismissal of former KLP member Antoneta Sevdari by the Special Appeals Chamber.