From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
What’s On in Tirana, April 11th—17th

This is the Exit guide to what’s on in the city over the next 7 days!

Movie Screening ‘Ich und Kaminski’ @Movie and Multimedia Academy Marubi on April 11th

This Thursday, another free movie screening will be hosted at the well-known movie and multimedia academy ‘Marubi’. The chosen movie is in German language with English subtitles and it talks about the artistic life of Sebastian Zollner and his journey to Belgium. Movie starting at 7 pm!

Exhibition ‘Terre des enfants’ @FAB Gallery on April 11th

Terre des homes together with the University of Arts in Tirana will be presenting the work of the photographer Malavika Sattler.  This exhibition is a reflection on how art is being used by young people and children to bring change. Starting at 6 pm!

Qerimi Family – Live Music Performance @Rogner Hotel on April 11th

Everyone knows the amazing talented Qerimi family. If you want to experience a different evening, this Thursday Rogner is hosting ‘Qerimi Family’ for a special unique performance, like only they know how to do. Reservation is necessary and be there before 8:30 pm!

Grade 12 – Visual Arts Exhibition @Youth Center Tirana on April 12th

World Academy of Tirana is organising together with their students an exhibition that will display the diverse range of skills techniques and artistic approaches. The exhibition will be open since 5 to 7 pm so make sure to be there on time.

Screening ‘Fatigue Society’ @Zeta Gallery on April 12th

ZETA Gallery is inviting everyone to the screening of ‘Fatigue Society – Byung – Chul Han in Seoul/Berlin’ while being in the presence of the author itself: Isabella Gresser. The screening is with English Subtitles and it’s about the German philosopher Byung –Chul Han and the phenomenon of fatigue in our capitalistic societies. The screening starts at 7 pm!

The Second Edition of ‘Viennese Ball’ in Tirana @The palace of Congress on April 12th

After the first successful edition of a magical night with Viennese vibes in Tirana and amazing music performances, finally the second edition is here. Get your ball dresses ready and join the magnificent Viennese vibes. Starting at 7:30 pm!

UNUM Get Together @Destil Hostel on April 13th

UNUM Festival is getting closer every day and we are excited to announce that another gathering is happening before the actual festival. This time you can also buy the ticket of the festival with a 10% discount. Starting at 7 pm!

SYTE, Live Performance @Kino on April 13th

A very special band is coming all the way from Kosovo this weekend to Tirana for a truly amazing live performance. SYTE band are playing a special kind of music and you will have the opportunity to listen to them live only by being at Kino. The performance is starting at 10pm!

Onesie Party on Top of Albania @Korab Mountain on April 14th

Well this party is planned to be an epic journey to the top of Albania in Korab Mountain! Do you like hiking and partying? This time you can do both. This party will be organised as a hike with different costumes or onesies and it’s opened to everyone who believe that are able to hike in an average level of difficulty.  Learn more here!

SALOME @The Experimental Theatre ‘Kujtim Spahivogli’ on April 14th

Salome is an amazing drama written by Oscar Wilde, with an unique story that was first shown as a theatrical piece in 1918 in France. This weekend this magnificent story will be on stage at ‘Kujtim Spahivogli’, inviting everyone to experience the great emotions that only Oscar Wilde can write about. With the performance of the great actress Yllka Mujo, this show is a must see. Be there at 8pm!

Game of Thrones 8 Premiere @Dandy Lounge on April 15th

We know you will love this one! Finally the new and final season of Game of Thrones is here and we couldn’t be more excited. There is this great opportunity of watching the premiere together with other people at Dandy Lounge. Game of Thrones themed drinks will be served. Starting at 9:30 pm!

AIKIDO for beginners @The Dojo on April 15th

It is never too late to start practicing a martial art! The beginner’s course will last for 4 weeks during the whole month and it will teach you the basics of Aikido. The course will start at 9 am.

Personal Development Club @The Dojo on April 16th

Are you ready to get some great positive vibes in a unique workshop? Personal Development will include 4 workshops during April and May. The first one will be held in 16th of April, by Thorsten Schildgenat an international trainee for self-development. Learn more about the course here!

The diary of Anne Frank @Metropol Theatre on April 17th

Luckily for everyone, Metropol Theatre is bringing back this amazing piece.You will have the opportunity to see ‘The diary of Anne Frank’ on a premiere during April 17th. Make sure to reserve your seat and to be there at 7 pm!

The first conference of Digital Innovation @Xheko Imperial on April 17th

Egos is organising their first conference connected to digital innovation while hosting different speakers, businesses and young people that will help everyone understand innovation and technology world better. Be there at 5pm!

 ‘Qualcosa di nuovo di Cristina Comencini @The Italian Institute of Culture on April 17th

The Italian Institute of Culture is hosting another great movie, open for everyone. This time the chosen movie is a comedy of 2016 and it will be screened with English subtitles. The comedy talks about two best friends and their different views on the world of men. Get ready to laugh a lot while of course, improving your Italian. Starting at 7 pm!