President Overrules Government Suspension of Rector of Tirana University Mynyr Koni, Rector of University of Tirana

On Monday, President Meta rejected Minister of Education Besa Shahini’s proposal to dismiss University of Tirana Rector Mynyr Koni.

The President’s rejection is pursuant to Article 57 of the Constitution, which states that “the autonomy of higher education institutions and academic freedom are guaranteed by law.” Meta disqualified Rector Koni’s suspension and the subsequent request for his dismissal as unconstitutional.

Minister Shahini suspended Koni in mid-April for what appeared to be questionable and politically motivated reasons. According to her, Koni had severely violated the Law on Higher Education. The suspension order was based on the questionable findings of an inspection team sent by the Minister on March 2018 to check the implementation of the Higher Education Law.

Immediately after the suspension, Minister Shahini appointed deputy rector Bernard Dosti as acting rector. One day into his new job, Dosti issued an order for the university to fulfill all government recommendations.

Following the President’s refusal to dismiss him, Rector Koni is expected to take back office.