Police Beat and Arrest a Democratic Party leader

As today’s protest was waning down, police hit with batons and then detained one of the opposition leaders.

Police officers were seen on video talking to Mr. Sahit Dollapi, seemingly asking him to remove a gas mask he was wearing. He appeared to obey their order, but suddenly with no apparent reason special police approached to detain him. Trying to run away from them, he stumbled and fell, and was surrounded by several officer beating him up with their batons. He was then detained and placed in one of the police stations.

OraNews TV that caught live the incident, reported that Mr. Dollapi had a heart surgery two years ago and the police might have endangered his health.

Opposition supporters have gathered in front of the police station where Dollapi and other protesters are being held. They are demanding the release of the detained. Police are using tear gas against them.

Former Democratic Party MP Albana Vokshi is also reported to have been violated by the police.

Protesters are also still protesting at the Parliament building.

The media is reporting that police have used tear gas and water cannons excessively. Journalists are reported injured and hospitalized.

Several police officers are also reported to have been hospitalized.

Inhabitants from several areas of the capital are reporting on social media that tear gas has reached their homes, including hospitals.

President Ilir Meta has called four times on all sides to restrain from violence. He urged the police to take Dollapi to hospital and not to the police station.

The OSCE harshly condemned the opposition for employing violence in today’s protest.

Prime Minister Edi Rama praised the work of the police on Twitter and wrote that “violators of police officers will be punished”.