Albanian Opposition Open to Negotiate with Rama if He Resigns as Prime Minister

Leader of the opposition Democratic Party (PD), Lulzim Basha has implied that he would sit in negotiations with Edi Rama as head of the Socialist Party (PS) on the condition that the latter resigns as Prime Minister of Albania.

In a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Basha was asked whether he would agree to reach an agreement with Rama as leader of Socialist Party through international mediation. Basha replied that:

The leader of PS is not assigned by the leader of PD. However, the process of free and fair elections can be achieved only by a transitory government without Edi Rama as Prime Minister.

Basha reinforced his statement when he was asked a similar question:

“It’s not me who determines the political opponent, but the Prime Minister must be determined only through a free electoral process. Edi Rama cannot be the prime minister of the next electoral process […]”

As for the June 30 elections, Basha stated that the citizens won’t let the crime further capture political power:

I am convinced that before June 30 the united citizens will make it clear that [the date June 30] won’t enter the history of Albania [as the day] when the tyranny of crime, which has fortified its power, also captures the local power.    

Basha said he had consulted foreign partners and told them that he welcomed their commitment to solving the political crisis in Albania. “The PD and the opposition have been and are ready to engage in a real political process with the help of our international partners to resolve this crisis and to give Albanians the stolen sovereignty,” Basha stated.

The leader of the opposition added that all efforts are being made to avoid similar political crisis in the future.

“This precedent should set the end awaiting any government that could take power in collusion with crime, eliminate the Constitutional Court, High Court, General Prosecution, or dives in corruption, poisons children with [tear] gas.”

Basha announced that the opposition will decide on their political agenda today.