Disappointed Young Generation Won’t Participate in Elections, Survey Finds

57 per cent of young people in Tirana will not vote in the June local elections. The findings of a recent survey also revealed that unemployment, low income, corruption, and education are the most troubling issues concerning the Albanian youth.

The “Youth in Tirana 2019” survey was conducted by Child and Youth Policy Hub Albania. 220 youths aged 15-30 years old participated in the survey, 79 per cent of them girls and 21 per cent boys.

The young generation of Tirana expressed their dissatisfaction with the work of the Tirana Municipality:

– 97 per cent of respondents said that the Municipality did not properly address their problems;

– 91 per cent stated that the Municipality did not work enough for the youth;

– 85 per cent think that the Municipality is little or no cooperative in solving their problems.

Their trust in political parties and willingness to participate in local elections also showed very low levels:

– 57 per cent of the respondents said they do not want to vote in the local election on June 30. The main reasons given for this choice were the distrust and disappointment in political parties, lost hopes that politics may change anything, as well as youths’ wish to leave Albania.

– 99 per cent of respondents stated that political parties are little or no open to solving the problems concerning the youth;

– 93 per cent think that political parties do not even want to consult with them on resolving these problems.