Albanian Prime Minister Rejects Presidential Decree to Cancel Elections

On Monday, Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that the June 30 local election in Albania will not be postponed despite President Ilir Meta’s decree to cancel the election date.

Following a meeting of the Socialist Party leadership today, Rama stated:

We are a parliamentary republic, not a presidential one. That’s why nothing can stop us from proceeding ahead with the June 30 [election].

The Prime Minister added that that his Socialist Party will start procedures to dismissal President Meta.

A very long parliamentary debate will take place on Thursday, where we will unfold all the arguments against the President’s decision. A resolution to dismiss the president will finalize on Thursday.

Also today, Prime Minister Rama met with ambassadors of several EU member countries to discuss President Meta’s decision to cancel the June 30 local election. No statement was issued after the meeting.

Earlier today, the president held a press conference where he presented the constitutional basis and argument for his decision. He also called on political parties to negotiate on a solution for the current political crisis and agree on a new local election date.