Albanian PM Calls the Postponement of Accession Talks ‘Very Positive News’

Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that today’s postponement of accession talks between the EU and Albania, until October, was “very positive news”.

He then went on to blame the opposition for blocking the opening of accession negotiations.

“Very positive news from Europe regarding [Albania’s] path toward opening [accession] negotiations.😁 Regardless of the war with no limits waged by the political front of evil, which is doing everything to mutilate the country in Europe’s eyes in order to block negotiations – with slander, threats, Molotov cocktails and smear by wiretaps – Albania is still resisting.🙏
In Luxemburg, EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs agreed to pass to the heads of states the recommendation on Albania and North Macedonia, aiming for October. Let’s resist until the end against this offensive of slander and stone [throwing] against Albania. All together on 30 June [local elections].

Prime Minister Edi Rama recently appeared in damning wiretaps published by German newspaper Bild, where he is heard checking with public administration officials whether objectives of manipulation of elections were achieved.

Rama and several high Socialist Party and government officials seem to have implemented and monitored a strategy with clear objectives for the manipulation of early elections in 2016 in Albania.

In his twits today, Rama called the wiretaps as mere “smear” against Albania.