Head of Election Commission in Albania Receives Death Threat

Head of the Central Election Commission (KQZ) Klement Zguri and his family have received death threats.

Zguri reported to the police the private message he received on social media, upon which his family was provided with increased physical security.

The death threat came after the Thursday meeting of the KQZ, where amidst discussions over the higher number of votes compared to voters, Zguri suggested that an administrative investigation be carried out on the tallying and reporting of votes from the polling stations.

In the meeting, he argued that such investigation would increase the credibility of the KQZ, following several different voter turnout figures (24.12%, 21.6%, 22.9%) the institution published after the June 30 local elections.

Opposition-appointed Zguri’s proposal for the KQZ to look into the record sheets of polling stations was rejected by its members appointed by the Socialist Party.

The head of the election commission had earlier called for the KQZ to implement President Meta’s decree cancelling the date of elections.

One day after the elections were forced through by the Socialist Party, and the KQZ published contradicting reports on voter turnout, resulting in more votes than voters in 13 of the 61 municipalities, Zguri alleged that inconsistencies in those reports were due either to incompetence or manipulation of votes.