High Prosecutorial Council Selects 15 Candidates for the Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) published the list of 15 prosecutors who are candidates to be members of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office, known as SPAK.

The ranking of prosecutors was based on a score system that assesses their professional skills and contribution to the justice system.

The KLP announcement clarified that despite the ranking of the candidates, SPAK cannot form before prosecutors undergo vetting.

Prosecutor Arben Kraja is the only one to have passed both vetting stages so far. Besnik Muçi is awaiting the Special Appeals Chambers (KPA) verdict, six SPAK candidates have passed the first vetting stage at the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK), and seven others have not been vetted yet.

On April 5, the KLP published the full list of 25 candidates who had applied for 15 SPAK positions. Five of them withdrew their candidacies. Prosecutors Eugen Beci and Shkëlzen Cena could not pass the vetting process. Gëzim Cenaj, Fatmir Hoxha and Irena Nino were disqualified for not being part of the justice system.

On July 16, the KLP disqualified prosecutors Vladimir Mara, Dritan Prençi, Maksim Sota, Donika Prela and Besim Hajdarmataj.

Prosecutors Vladimir Mara and Dritan Prençi have passed both stages of vetting.

Dritan Prençi has investigated the cases of former Minister TahiriOrest Sota, Habilaj criminal group financer Nazer Seiti, and the Dako-Avdylaj affair.

Vladimir Mara replaced Besim Hajdarmataj in the investigation of the Tahiri case, after Temporary General Prosecutor Arta Marku transferred Hajdarmataj to the Pogradec Prosecutor’s Office, in violation of the law. Mara is now investigating the Dako-Avdylaj Electiongate collusion.

Former Head of Serious Crimes Prosecution Besim Hajdarmataj has also investigated the Tahiri and Shullazi cases.

The KLP ranked prosecutor Anton Martini second, whom Arta Marku nominated to the Serious Crimes Prosecution in violation of the Constitution.

Prosecutor Anton Martini filed charges of treason and leaking of states secrets against police officer Dritan Zagani, and ordered his arrest. Zagani denounced former Minister Tahiri’s collusion with an international drug trafficking organization. Martini’s charges kept Zagani in jail for several months.

Another controversial case investigated by Martini was that of Mayor of Durres Vangjush Dako for collusion with criminal groups in rigging the 2017 general elections. Martini has not made transcripts of prosecution wiretaps for nearly two years.

Following is the KLP list of 15 candidates to the SPAK:

  1. Altin Dumani
  2. Anton Martini
  3. Elisabeta Imeraj
  4. Arben Kraja
  5. Doloreza Musabelliu
  6. Klodian Braho
  7. Enkeleda Millonaj
  8. Manjola Kajana
  9. Edvin Kondili
  10. Ened Nakuçi
  11. Elida Kaçkini
  12. Ndini Tavani
  13. Behar Dibra
  14. Anita Jella
  15. Besnik Muçi