KLP Chair Ibrahimi: SPAK Will Start with 7–8 Prosecutors

In an interview with Deutsche Welle, KLP Chair Gent Ibrahimi stated that the High Prosecutorial Council will announce the creation of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution SPAK as soon as “7 or 8” prosecutors will have passed the vetting.

Ibrahimi’s proposal is in violation of the Constitution, which mandates that SPAK should have at least 10 prosecutors. Indeed this is what Ibrahimi confirms later on in the interview:

It is not the competence of the KLP [to determine the number of SPAK prosecutors]. Their number will depend on the workload, but according to the Constitution, SPAK cannot have less than 10 prosecutors.

This statement therefore seems to contradict his claim, in the same interview, that “7 or 8” prosecutors would suffice to establish SPAK. Earlier this month, the KLP interviewed 22 candidates for SPAK. At that moment, only 2 candidates had a final verdict of the vetting institutions. In the meantime, this number has increased to 6.