KED Announces First Four Candidates for Constitutional Court

The Justice Appointments Council (KED) has announced the first four candidates for the Constitutional Court. In a press release from July 25, approved Arta Vorpsi, Besnik Muçi, Fiona Papajorgji, and Regleta Panajoti as candidates for several of the vacancies declared by the President and Parliament since 2018.

Arta Vorpsi and Fiona Papajorgji are councillors at the Constitutional Court, Regleta Panajoti is a judge in Tirana, while Besnik Muçi is a prosecutor at the Serious Crimes Prosecution a former KLP candidate and candidate for SPAK. An appeal at the Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) is pending against Muçi.

The KED rejected the candidacies of Anila Guri (Kristani), Dedë Kasneci, Ilir Mustafaj, Mimoza Qinami, and Vladimir Gërmenji. Two further candidates for the highest court, Elsa Toska and Gëzim Allaraj, remain to be evaluated. Toska has passed the vetting with a final verdict, Allaraj hasn’t.

The KED will have to nominate 9 candidates in total, which will have to be approved in turn by President, Parliament, and the High Court. The names of the first 4 candidates are expected to be sent to Parliament and President at the beginning of August.

For the High Justice Inspectorate, the KED nominated Artur Malaj, while rejecting the candidacies of Altin Hazizaj and Mimoza Qinami. The candidacy of Eris Hysi remains to be evaluated. The Public Commissioner has filed an appeal against the confirmation of Malaj at the KPA.