KED Evaluates Further Candidates for Constitutional Court, EURALIUS Expert Rado Rejected

The Justice Appointments Council (KED) has evaluated the remaining candidates for the Constitutional Court and the High Justice Inspectorate. The following candidacies have been approved so far:

  • Arta Vorpsi
  • Besnik Muçi
  • Fiona Papajorgji
  • Regleta Panajoti
  • Elsa Toska

Vorpsi, Papajorgji, and Toska have been confirmed with a final verdict from the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK). Muçi’s confirmation has been appealed at the Special Appeal Chamber (KPA).

Besides the candidates whom KED rejected last week (Anila Guri (Kristani), Dedë Kasneci, Ilir Mustafaj, Mimoza Qinami, and Vladimir Gërmenji), the KED further rejected the candidacies of Valbona Bala, Klodian Rado, Rexhep Bekteshi, Sinan Tafaj, Petrit Kaja, and Gëzim Allaraj.

Remarkable is the exclusion of Klodian Rado, a senior legal expert at EURALIUS, who recently issued a questionable legal opinion to the High Judicial Council concerning the High Court. His proposal was partially adopted to deal with emergency cases.

Besides Artur Malaj, also Artur Metani had his candidacy for the ILD confirmed. The candidacy of Genci Gjonçaj, General Secretary of Parliament, was rejected.