Pregnant Woman Punched By Municipal Police Officer

Yesterday, Municipal police were filmed physically assaulting a pregnant woman in Laprake, Tirana.

The woman was opposing the possibly illegal seizure and shutting down of her family’s business before she was punched and manhandled by a police officer of the Municipality of Tirana Police. No action has been taken against the police officer, and instead charges have been filed against the woman who received medical care for her injuries.

No comment  has been forthcoming on the matter by Mayor Erion Veliaj, the Prime Minister, or any of the state institutions and no female MPs or ministers have spoken up against the violence inflicted upon the pregnant woman.

Democratic Party Deputy Albana Vokshi, who is also Chairwoman of the Women’s League of the DP has denounced the silence and inaction of the government following her assault.

“The footage in the video that went viral is only worthy of a Nazi regime. A municipal policeman punches a pregnant woman who was protecting her family’s business from being illegally shut down at the behest of Erion Veliaj. The scene is shocking!”

She continued that Edi Rama is an “arrogant insensitive, violent ruler” responsible for the “ruined morality” of Albanian society. She called the police officer in question a “militant” and noted that Rama had not said a word about the violence that took place in the middle of Tirana by an individual in the clothes of a government employee.

Vokshi they spoke of the Socialist Party MPs and ministers who “sit at roundtables and conferences giving lengthy speeches filled with Government achievements in defense of women’s rights’ but that then remain silent about violence used on pregnant women.”

The former MP concluded that the government has remained silent on the matter because they are not there to care for the citizens of Albania, but rather just to enrich themselves.