Opposition Request Election Commission to Organize Local Elections on October 13

Three opposition parties requested the Central Election Commission (KQZ) to launch procedures for organizing local elections on October 13.

In a letter to the KQZ, yesterday the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), Agrarian Party (PAA) and Republican Party (PR) urged the commission to comply with and implement the presidential decree setting October 13 as local elections date in Albania. According to them, the elections held on June 30 are illegal and the latest President’s decrees on elections must be respected as they are still in force.

They also referred to the OSCE election monitoring mission’ preliminary findings, which stated:

“The 30 June local elections were held with little regard for the interests of the electorate […] This was further compounded by the absence of a functioning Constitutional Court and High Court, the former being the only body mandated to decide on the constitutionality of presidential decrees.”

The decision to submit this request to the KQZ came after a meeting of opposition parties, in which opposition leader Lulzim Basha reportedly stated:

“The only constitutional act related to the election is the President’s decree on the October 13 election. It is an indispensable and indisputable obligation of the KQZ and other state institutions to prepare the infrastructure for these elections. Political parties have their right to decide on participating in elections or not.” 

The day before, President Meta urged the KQZ and political parties to begin preparations for the October 13th elections, emphasizing that the June 30th “voting process” was illegal. He stated that Albanians should vote for their mayors, parliament and president.

“The constitutional and legal elections are on October 13. I once again invite Prime Minister Rama to reflect, not impede the implementation of the decree on October 13. I invite the KQZ and other institutions not to continue in unlawfulness, as well as opposition parties to register in elections if they intent to participate.”