Eurobarometer: Albanian Faith in Economy Plummets

According to the most recent Eurobarometer poll of Spring 2019, 61% of the Albanians judge the situation of the Albanian economy to be bad. This is a 14% increase from the last poll in Autumn 2018. Only a minority of 39% believes the Albanian economy is in good shape.

The most pressing situation facing Albanians is by far the economic situation of the country. 38% considers the economic situation one of the two most pressing issues, 5% up from the previous poll in 2018.

The perceived constant support of the European Commission for the Rama government is also starting to show in Albanians’ trust in the EU. In Autumn 2018, 23% of Albanians did not trust the EU. This number has gone up to 27% of the population. At the same time, also trust in the Albanian Parliament has dropped from 51% to 44%, and trust in the Albanian government of Prime Minister Edi Rama from 47% to 40%.