Writer Fatos Lubonja: Justice Reform Controlled by Rama, Defended by Internationals

Writer Fatos Lubonja has criticized the justice reform in Albania, and argued that Prime Minister Edi Rama controls it.

“The justice reform is controlled by Prime Minister Edi Rama and defended by internationals for their personal gains”, Lubonja stated in a News24 TV interview today.

He added that the high expectations from the new Constitutional Court are unfounded.

“It is an illusion [to expect] that the Constitutional Court will change the country. The justice reform is captured by the one-party state.”

Lubonja reminded the audience of the EU failure in North Macedonia, where an extortion scandal has erupted, which involves the EU-backed special prosecutor Janeva Katica.

He criticized the EU and US for their part in the drafting and implementation of the justice reform, and their presumed leniency toward Rama’s capture of it: “Don’t they know that? Of course they do. They are also partly to blame.”