Albanians Top the List of Deportations from Germany

758 Albanians were deported from Germany in 2018, the highest number of all nationalities deported, according to data by the German Ministry of Interior.

The main reasons for deportations were refusals of asylum applications, expiry of residence permits and illegal stay.

In terms of nationalities, Albanians (785), Ukrainians (755 people) and Serbs (509) were the most affected.

Germany considers Albania a safe country of origin and does not approve asylum applications from its citizens. However, this has not prevented Albanians from seeking asylum in Germany or elsewhere in the EU.

Despite mass deportations, during the last semester there were 10,439 Albanians applying for asylum for the first time, according to data from the European Asylum Support Office.

This amounts to a 20.2 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

1478 others had already applied and been refused before, but were applying again.

The number of Albanians seeking asylum in one of the EU countries has been over 11,000 per year since 2013.

The highest number was recorded in 2015, with 68,945 asylum seekers, most of which got a negative response.

During this period Albanians were ranked behind Syrians and Iraqis as per the number of asylum seekers, both countries torn by wars.

Albanians leave the country due to lack of security, employment and hope.