High Prosecutorial Council Opens Applications for Dismissed Member’s Seat

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) has opened the call for applications for the vacancy left after the premature departure of Gentian Osmani, who was dismissed from office by the Special Appeal Chamber in July.

According to Ora News, the two candidates in the running are prosecutors Esmeralda Keshi (Cami) and Vladimir Mara. Both have passed the vetting process.

Esmeralda Keshi is currently the director of the Dibra Prosecution Office. She was recently featured in the news concerning developments around the Electiongate scandal, which involved a network of Socialist Party officials, public servants, and criminals in vote buying and voter intimidation activities during the 2016 local elections in Dibra. One of the main figures in this scandal Arben Keshi, former senior official at the Minister of Interior, is Prosecutor Esmeralda Keshi’s close relative.

The criminal dossier concerning Electiongate was recently demoted from the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office to the Dibra Prosecution, after which Prosecutor Keshi had to recuse herself from the case. There are currently only three prosecutors functional in Dibra (including Keshi), limiting the chances of a speedy resolution of the case.

Vladimir Mara works at the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office and has been involved in several high-profile cases, including against former Minister of Interior Affairs Saimir Tahiri and former Durrës Mayor Vangjush Dako. Mara also applied for a position in SPAK, but was disqualified by the KLP.