Another Candidate for General Prosecutor Cleared by the Vetting Process

Serious Crimes Prosecutor Olsian Çela is an official candidate for General Prosecutor, following yesterday’s decision by the Public Commissioner not to appeal his confirmation in duty by the vetting commission.

On Wednesday, the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) is expected to approve the candidate list and move on to the evaluation of the four current candidates to the General Prosecutor position: Arta Marku, Olsian Çela, Fatjona Memçaj, and Lulzim Alushaj.

Prosecutor Çela was confirmed by the Independent Qualification Commission on July 23, 2019. The Public Commissioner’s deadline to appeal his confirmation to the Special Appeal Chamber was yesterday but they decided not to file an appeal.

Prosecutors Marku and Memçaj were also cleared by the vetting commission, while lawyer Lulzim Alushaj is expected to be vetted by the KLP.

Of the four candidates, three will be sent to Parliament, which will elect one to replace the Temporary General Prosecutor Arta Marku.

Selection and Appointment of General Prosecutor

The KLP will evaluate and rank candidates based on the following criteria:

– Proficiency in the field of criminal justice;

– Moral and professional integrity;

– Organizational and managerial skills;

– Evaluation of additional criteria, like academic titles and papers, scientific studies, publications, certified trainings, mastering of foreign languages etc.

The KLP will then submit to the Parliament the proposal to appoint as General Prosecutor one of the three candidates ranked highest in the list.

The candidate who gets the support of 84 MPs in the 140-seat parliament becomes General Prosecutor.

If none of the candidates gets 84 votes in any of the sessions within 30 days after the proposal, the KLP announces the candidate ranked first is the list as General Prosecutor.