Vetting Commission Dismisses SPAK Candidate Ndini Tavani

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) has dismissed prosecutor of the anti-corruption unit and SPAK candidate Ndini Tavini.

Tavini has been dismissed after the KPK found that his declared income was insufficient to justify several acquisitions, including two cars.

Remarkably, the National Security Agency (DSIK) provided two reports to the KPK. The first one declared that Tavini did not have any improper contacts and passed the background assessment. A second report withdrew these conclusions.

Tavini was ranked 12th by the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) for a position in SPAK.

Last week, also SPAK candidate Anita Jella was vetted, while next week SPAK candidate Besim Hajdarmataj will face the KPK. Only prosecutors with a final decision by the vetting institutions are allowed to join SPAK.