From: Exit Staff
North Macedonian Parties Agree on Early Elections and Interim Government

North Macedonia will hold early parliamentary elections on 12 April 2020, following the country’s setback in opening EU accession talks. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will resign on 3 January and a new government will form to organize the election.

The leaders of the parliamentary parties agreed last night on an early elections date in the meeting called by President Stevo Pendarovski.

The Macedonian media reported that leaders had agreed on the necessity of early elections and further reforms aimed at joining the European Union.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Zaev wrote on social media:

We remain on the path to democracy that brings European values, the rule of law, universal human freedoms and rights. On April 12th, citizens will make a wise decision to chart the way in which we politicians will lead our country and our people.

Opposition VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski also went on social media to write that the leaders’ meeting had marked an end to the “shame and injustice” brought on the country by the prime minister, adding that:

Technical government starting from January 3 until the April 12 elections. Although times are tough, the choice has never been clearer.

EU leaders could not reach an agreement last week on opening accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia. Prime Minister Zaev stated he would resign as a result. On the other hand, his Albanian counterpart Edi Rama refused to talk about a possible resignation, saying that his government had done its job well but the EU had “internal issues”.