From: Exit Staff
Prosecution Confirms Vora Mayor Arrested under Alias

In a letter to the Democratic Party, General Prosecutor Arta Marku has confirmed that after investigating the matter, the General Prosecution has found that Socialist Mayor of Vora, Agim Kajmaku, and Jorgo Toto are one and the same person.

The National Office of Interpol in Tirana […] informs us that the information received from its counterpart office in Greece shows from the dactyloscopic comparison of fingerprints of citizen Agim Kajmaku that these prints correspond to the finger prints of citizen Jorgo Toto.

In June 2003, Toto was arrested in flagrante delicto for the use and distribution of fake money, a crime for which the Greek law specifies a prison sentence of at least 10 years. He was released in expectation of his trial.

After his release, Toto fled back to Albania before the Prosecution released a warrant for his immediate arrest, considering the gravity of his crime. He could not be convicted, as the Greek law does not allow for convictions in absentia for serious crimes.

Agim Kajmaku alias Jorgo Toto failed to mention the arrest on his decriminalization form.

Kajmaku has been consistently protected by the Socialist Party and Prime Minister Edi Rama, and continuously insisted that he is innocent, refusing to confirm his alias.

Now that the truth has come out, Kajmaku has sent a letter to the General Prosecution accepting he was arrested as Jorgo Toto, but claiming he was declared innocent later.

Nevertheless, according to the law, lying or omitting information from the decriminalization form results in dismissal from office and a prison sentence of between four and six months.

In a response to the Prosecution Office’s letter, former opposition MP Gazment Bardhi stated:

Every alibi created by Edi Rama and his representative at the Municipality of Vora has been torn down. The PD is clear that Edi Rama does not have the will to fight crime and that his power is linked to crime.

Previously, Socialist Mayor-Elect of Shkodra resigned after the opposition published a previous Italian conviction for drug trafficking.