From: Exit Staff
Three Appeals Court Judges Sentenced for Corruption

The Serious Crimes Court sentenced three judges of the Durrës Court of Appeal to 2 years in prison on corruption charges.

In December 2017, judges Kliton Spahiu, Petraq Dhimitri and Petrit Çeno were put under investigation for abuse of office. They were suspected of having traveled several times out of the country on trips paid by businessmen Namik Sadiku. The latter was also tried and sentenced to 1 year in prison.

Sadiku was one of the parties in a case reviewed by the three judges when he took them to Spain in October 2014, to witness the football derby Real Madrid–Barcelona. The businessman paid for the whole trip and match tickets.

The three judges were sentenced to 3 years in prison but as a result of the abbreviated trial their sentences were reduced by one third.