From: Exit Staff
KLP Requests Disciplinary Investigation of Prosecutor Arian Ndoja

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) has requested General Prosecutor Arta Marku to open a disciplinary investigation of Arian Ndoja, the prosecutor who was recently wounded in an assassination attempt in Durrës.

In an interview with A2 News yesterday, Ndoja commented on the presence of several legal dossiers the were found in his car after the assassination attempt.

For a long time I’ve been running a legal office, where I offer legal consultancy for different cases. Among those are several cases that are related to property, but also criminal cases that I am knowledgeable about. I hope that the prosecution will show itself to be objective in the investigation, because these are known things and I haven’t violated any law or right.

The KLP, however, thinks otherwise. According to the Council’s letter to General Prosecutor Marku, which has not been published on its website yet, the KLP considers that Ndoja might have violated art. 103(a) and (ç) of the Status Law, namely “Membership in entities or exercise of activities, even legitimate, that are not compatible with the duties and principles of the regular exercise of the function of the magistrate,” and “Associating with persons who are under criminal investigation or subject to criminal proceedings or with convicted persons.”

One of the passengers in Ndoja’s car was Aleksandër Laho, formerly known as Pëllumb Muharremi, alias Rrumi, who has a criminal record including several high-profile cases.

Yesterday, the police arrested a first suspect in the assassination attempt, Redjan Rraja, a relative of Socialist Party MP Rrahman Rraja.