From: Exit Staff
Kosovo Ex-Speaker of Parliament and Mayor Summoned for Questioning by Special Court

Former Speaker of Kosovo parliament Kadri Veseli and Mayor of Drenas Ramiz Lladrovci were summoned for questioning by the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in the Hague, Netherlands.

The Specialist Chambers are a special court with a mandate to look into allegations of war crimes committed in Kosovo during the war and immediate aftermath (1998-2000).

Kadri Veseli is one of the founders of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), and currently the head of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK).

On Thursday, he announced he was invited to appear for an interview before prosecutors in the Hague on December 4. He praised the KLA and the war against Serbia, and said he was convinced the court would also prove the just war of the Kosovo people.

On Friday, Mayor Lladrovci also announced he was summoned by the same court. Lladrovci is also one of the founders of the KLA and part of the PDK. In a Facebook post he wrote he had never doubted the just and clean war for Kosovo independence.

In July, Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj resigned after he was summoned for questioning by the Hague.

Whilst more than 100 former KLA fighters were summoned for questioning, the court is yet to make public any indictment.