Parliament Passes Resolution Endorsing Arta Vorpsi at Constitutional Court

Parliament has passed a resolution endorsing Arta Vorpsi at the Constitutional Court while characterizing President Ilir Meta’s appointment of Marsida Xhaferllari as “absolutely invalid.”

The resolution was adopted by 97 votes in favor and 4 absentions.

During a speech before the vote, Prime Minister Edi Rama claimed that all actions of the government had been tightly coordinated with EURALIUS and OPDAT and the international community. He also called upon Parliament to reopen the impeachment procedure against President Meta.

This morning the European Commission called for a “rapid solution” to the deepened constitutional crisis.

In an earlier statement today, President Meta declared that he might considering disbanding Parliament:

I am clear, each should consider his own duty. The duty [of disbanding Parliament] is the President’s and at the right moment the President will turn to the poeple and the entire world to defend the democracy that has been barbarically violated, especially during those two years that the country has been left without Constitutional Court.

President Meta has announced a press conference at 14:00.