From: Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
Justice Institutions Publish Candidate Lists for 2020 Justice Appointments Council

The High Judicial Council (KLGJ), High Prosecutorial Council (KLP), and Constitutional Court have published their respective lists of candidates qualified to take part in the lottery for the 2020 Justice Appointments Council (KED).

The KED is a justice governance institution responsible, among other things, for the ranking and nomination of candidates for the Constitutional Court. The KED is composed of

  • Two judges of the Constitutional Court;
  • One judge of the High Court;
  • One prosecutor of the General Prosecution Office;
  • Two judges of the courts of appeal;
  • Two prosecutors of the prosecution offices attached to the courts of appeal;
  • One judge of administrative courts.

The list provided by the Constitutional Court includes all current members of the Court, which recently saw its numbers increased with three new members: Elsa Toska, Fiona Papajorgji, and Marsida Xhaferllari.

The list provided by the KLP includes 11 prosecutors from the General Prosecution Office and 16 prosecutors attached to the courts of appeal.

The list provided by the KLGj includes 1 judge from the High Court, the current chair of the KED Ardian Dvorani, and 86 appeals court judges.

According to the Governance Institutions Law, the members of the 2020 KED will be drawn by lot between December 1 and 5 by the President.