From: Exit Staff
Socialist Party to Refer Constitutional Court Appointments to Venice Commission

The ruling Socialist Party (PS) will ask for an opinion of the Venice Commission regarding the latest crisis surrounding new appointments to the Constitutional Court.

Secretary General of the PS, Tauland Balla blamed the crisis on President Ilir Meta. “We are in a constant, unnecessary conflict, caused by the president, in an attempt to obstruct the justice reform,” Balla said.

He also stated that the Constitutional Court member appointed by the president, Marsida Xhaferllari was “a devil”. The Socialist official added that she was appointed by “an illegal presidential decree” and “could not stay in duty in open violation of the constitution.”

“We have taken the initiative to expand the investigation into President Meta’s constitutional violations. We will refer to the Venice Commission regarding the crisis around the Constitutional Court. A Constitutional Court with 4 members is better than one with the devil always in it.”

Balla’s announcement came after the US Embassy urged “disputing parties” to refer the question to the Venice Commission.

The president’s office replied, after embassy’s statement, that a Venice Commission opinion was unnecessary, as the Constitution was clear on the matter. The president’s spokesman blamed the situation on Prime Minister Edi Rama and certain foreign diplomats who have supported him in capturing the judicial system of Albania.