From: Exit Staff
Albania’s New General Prosecutor to Be Appointed within 30 Days

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) sent the list of candidates for General Prosecutor to the Parliament, one week after it evaluated and ranked them.

Art.23 of the Law on the Prosecution Office requires the KLP to evaluate and rank the candidates based on their professionalism, moral and professional integrity, and organizational and managerial skills. The list should be sent to parliament within three weeks.

The KLP ranked Serious Crimes Prosecutor Olsian Çela first, followed by “Temporary” General Prosecutor Arta Marku, and Tirana Appeal Prosecutor Fatjona Memcaj.

The deadline for candidates to file an appeal after the ranking ended last night, and no complaints were filed.

Article 148/a of the Constitution states that the General Prosecutor shall be appointed from the KLP list “by three-fifths of the members of Assembly.” The Albanian parliament (Assembly) has 140 MPs, which means 84 deputies are needed for the confirmation.

In case the parliament fails to elect the General Prosecutor within 30 days of receiving the proposals, the candidate ranked first by the KLP is declared appointed.

The General Prosecutor has a seven-year mandate, without the right to re-appointment.