From: Exit Staff
Albania: First 8 Special Anti-corruption Prosecutors Nominated

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) nominated 8 prosecutors to the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK). The establishment of SPAK requires a minimum of 10 members.

The following prosecutors were nominated:

  • Altin Dumani
  • Arben Kraja
  • Behar Dibra
  • Edvin Kondilli
  • Elida Celami (Kaçkini)
  • Ened Nakuçi
  • Enkeleda Millonai
  • Klodian Braho

The KLP also opened the competition for the election of a Chair of SPAK. The SPAK Chair will be elected from the ranks of SPAK prosecutors for a three-year term, without the right to reappointment.

All 11 KLP members voted in favor of each nomination. KLP Chair Gent Ibrahimi said nomination will enter into force after prosecutors take their oath in front of the President on December 19.