From: Exit Staff
Albanian Opposition Welcomes Establishment of Special Anti-corruption Prosecution

Albania’s main opposition parties welcomed “the establishment of the Special Anti-corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK).”

Opposition PD’s General Secretary Gazmend Bardhi gave a press statement shortly after today’s nomination of 8 new prosecutors to SPAK, where he stressed that Albania now has “a real chance to fight organized crime and corruption at the highest levels.”

“SPAK is the proper constitutional mechanism to meet one of the key demands of Albanians and foreign partners, and give an end to the impunity of thugs, their promoters into politics and corrupt officials. Following the High Prosecutorial Council’s decision of today, the Democratic Party welcomes the establishment of SPAK and supports the independent functioning of this structure.”

Bardhi accused the government of having delayed the establishment of SPAK for 3 years.

He added that the special prosecution should start its work “immediately” and that “punishment of organized crime and corruption should be done in a professional, unbiased and determined way.”

Leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Monika Kryemadhi also welcomed today’s nominations by the KLP. She said that the government’s draft-law on an anti-corruption body under its control, interfered with SPAK and BKH competences, and aimed at protecting the prime minister’s corruption.