From: Exit Staff
Prime Minister Claims Nearly Every Albanian Family Owns a Villa Like His

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that there are “more than half a million” villas like his in Albania, and that his villa in Surrel, Tirana is just a random one.

Considering the country’s population of 2.8 million, Rama’s statement implies that every 5 to 6 Albanians, or roughly every family owns a villa like the prime ministers.

In today’s event, where he presented his government’s latest draft-legislation to establish yet another anti-corruption body with dubious implications, Rama said:

“My villa in Surrel? What villa in Surrel? […] How many similar villas like the Surrel one have been built in Albania? I am talking about villas with 2, 3 or 4 floors […] There are over half a million. That villa of mine in Surrel has a different shape, just like I am different from others, and every from each-other. However, amidst all Albanians’ individual houses, it’s just another Albanian family house[…] I can say only one thing to all those who have incessantly thrown dirt regarding this [topic]: My house was declared in every detail and invoice.”

However, Albania’s Prime Minister has always kept information about his villa undisclosed. The source of the money for his villa, its design and construction process are still unclear and dubious.