From: Exit Staff
EU and Other Countries Provide Albania with Aid and Assistance for Rescue and Recovery Operations, After a Deadly Earthquake

Search and rescue teams and logistic support has started to arrive in Albania from the region and the EU, following the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the country this morning, leaving at least 20 people dead.

Prime Minster Edi Rama stated that at least seven countries had offered concrete support.

The Albanian government had requested the activation of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, and the EU has mobilized emergency support as a result.

Kosovo allocated €500 thousand to provide emergency relief to earthquake victims. It also sent 110 special police forces and firefighters, as well as earthquake emergency logistics and vehicles.

The European Union sent three search and rescue teams from Italy, Greece and Rumania, equipped with necessary emergency logistics.

Turkey sent a search and rescue team of 8 members, and 2 trucks of disaster relief aid.

North Macedonia’s government allocated 100 thousand euros and a search and rescue team of 30 members.

Montenegro and Serbia sent a search and rescue team each.

Bulgaria allocated 100 thousand euros.

The European Commission thanked Hungary, Germany, Croatia, France, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Turkey for their offers of assistance through the European Civil Protection Mechanism.