From: Exit Staff
Pictures from the Aftermath of Albanian Earthquake, as Casualties and Heave Damages Reported

At least 6 dead, hundreds of injuries and heavy material damages were reported amidst fears of further casualties after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the city of Durres in Albania this morning at 03:54 am. Major shocks were felt in the capital, Tirana.

Hundreds of injured have received medical assistance in the Durres and Tirana hospitals.

The city of Durres and the small town of Thumana, 30 km north of Tirana, were the most hit, with several residential multi-story buildings have collapsed.

Three victims were reported in Durres, two in Thumana and another one in the nearby Kurbin.

Durres, the closest city to the earthquake epicenter,  seems to be one of the most affected areas. Below there are several pictures and a video of the damages buildings, including a totally collapse seven-story Hotel Palma.

Two collapsed buildings in Kavaje, close to Durres, and two in Thumana have been confirmed.

A collapsed building in Durres.

Local media have reported damages in the northern city of Shkoder also.

Damaged residential building in Shkoder, Albania

Last major earthquake 2 months ago was estimated at 5.6 magnitude. It left over 100 people injured, 500 houses and 100 apartment buildings damaged, with hundreds more people spending the night outside, too fearful to return to their homes. No human deaths were reported.

You can find information of what to do in case of another earthquake, here.