From: Exit Staff
Albania Earthquake Sent 523 Aftershocks in 24 Hours

523 aftershocks were recorded in the last 24 hours in Albania, following the magnitude 6.3 earthquake that hit the country on Tuesday.

The Department of Seismology at the Geo-Sciences Institute said that 4 aftershocks were of a magnitude higher than 4.5. They added that 7 aftershocks were of a 4–4.5 magnitude, and 17 more were of a 3.5–3.9 magnitude.

Earthquake map shows that most aftershocks continued to hit Durres and Tirane.

The November 26 earthquake has left at least 29 dead in Durres and Thumane, while search operations by several teams from the region and EU are ongoing.

About 20 people are believed to be still under the rubble.

More than 650 people were injured and received medical assistance.

The municipality of Durres said that 27 residential buildings and 163 houses were damaged to the degree that they are uninhabitable.