Albanian Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 40, as Searches Continue

Search teams have recovered the bodies of 40 people from the rubble so far, following Tuesday’s devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the country.

Search operations were halted in Thumane, one of the two most affected areas, as it is believed there are no more people caught in the rubble. Operations are ongoing in Durres, while hope to find survivors seems to have faded.

The government published the names of 39 victims, three of which are children aged 3, 4 and 8. No information on the number of missing people was provided.

So far, bodies of 15 people killed in Durres, 23 in Thumane and 1 in Kurbin have been recovered.

45 people have been rescued so far, three of them are in serious condition.

A strong earthquake struck Albania yesterday morning, which hit harder the areas of Durres, Kruje, and Tirana, causing dozens of victims, 657 injured, and heavy property damages.

Almost all victims were caused by the flattening of three apartment buildings and three hotels in Durres and two apartments building in Thumane.