From: Exit Staff
More than 1,200 Buildings Damaged, 5,000 People Left Homeless by Albanian Earthquake

237 apartment blocks and 940 houses were damaged, leaving 5,240 people homeless in Albania, after a magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit the country on November 26, leaving at least 49 dead. These are the preliminary figures provided by the government today.

Prime Minister Edi Rama said “the information will be updated so that no one is left out of the reports.”

According to government’s preliminary assessments, 176 apartment blocks were damaged in Durres, as well as 701 houses or commercial buildings, 12 of which were completely destroyed.

1,260 people are currently homeless in Durres – 625 have were provided shelter in hotels, and 360 in schools.

Preliminary assessments in capital Tirana show 61 apartment blocks damaged, 8 of which are uninhabitable. 239 more houses were also damaged, 15 of which made uninhabitable.

In Thumane, about 500 people have been sheltered in tents.