From: Exit Staff
Albanian Opposition Supports Government Earthquake Relief Efforts

Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha stated the opposition supports the government in its efforts to help citizens affected by the November 26 earthquake.

Speaking from Durres, the closest city to quake epicenter, Basha proposed a three-point emergency plan:

  1. Organizing engineers to speed up the verification process for buildings’ safety;
  2. Employing only two categories for the initial verification: habitable and inhabitable buildings, so that it becomes clear for citizen whether they can use their apartments or not. Many people are now afraid to go back to their homes due to lack of safety assurances.
  3. Cancelling about €150 million in concession contracts awarded to 10 companies Basha called “oligarchs”, and urgently transferring the funds to the earthquake relief program.

Basha’s proposal comes after he held a meeting with architects, engineers and construction experts on Sunday. He said 500 experts were ready to contribute in helping the government.

“The situation asks for concrete engagement. That’s why on behalf of the opposition, we support all efforts that help these people in need, while on the other hand we are doing all we can to help them with volunteers and our supporters. Now it’s neither the time to stage theater plays, nor the time to take pictures,” Basha stated.