From: Exit Staff
Victims Call for Investigations into Previous Earthquake Damage Verification Process

Bujar Cuka and Egi Cuka, father and daughter and earthquake survivors from Thumane, have demanded justice for the deaths of their two family members, mother and son, Fatmira and Sardi, who were caught inside their crumbled apartment block, despite the local government officials having assured them after the September 2019 quake that the building was safe.

In a TV news report from Thumane, Egi called on justice institutions to investigate the government measures and the process of damage verification after the September 21 earthquake.

“I want to take this to the end. This injustice, I want to take it to the end, so that the people who were here and told us the apartment block was habitable, must face justice,” Egi said.

Both father and daughter expressed their anger and pain to government officials sent to offer support and aid. Whilst a pained daughter refused to hug one of the officials, her revolted father also questioned the reason why they were sent:

“Why do you have to come here? Do you know that my house was inhabitable since then [after September 21 quake]? Why are you coming here?”

They then calmed down and invited the officials in, but the call for investigations and justice remains a concern widely shared by the Albanian citizens.