From: Exit Staff
PM Rama Orders Demolition of Damaged Buildings, Prosecution Demands Investigations First

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Edi Rama promised that Prosecutors will investigate and bring to justice anyone who has violated building codes and built properties without adhering to the law.

Speaking from the disaster-struck region of Durres, Rama ordered the Durres Municipality to compile a list of damaged buildings and related builders which should be investigated. He also stated that minor, non-structural damage must be repaired by those who built it at a cost to them, not inhabitants.

This, he said will be according to parameters set by the government and with their full supervision.

Rama also decided that all buildings in Durres with structural issues must be demolished and the rubble deposited into the Porto Romano area. This should take place throughout December.

In Tirana however, the Tirana Prosecutor’s office has told the local Municipality that it is not to demolish any damage buildings without their notice.

In a request sent today, the Prosecution has given the Municipality until December 5 to forward them a list of all earthquake-damaged buildings, and if there has been a decision to demolish them, the Prosecutor will send an investigative team.

Previously, on 27 November, the Tirana Prosecution asked the Municipality to send information relating to all damaged buildings yet they failed to file any information with the Prosecution.

Prosecutors have launched investigations against builders, engineers, and architects into buildings were destroyed and damaged by Tuesday’s earthquake.

The quake that hit at 3.54am on 26 November, registered at 6.3 on the Richter scale and claimed the lives of 51 citizens. A week later, as many as 4,000 are displaced either unable, or too scared to return to their homes.