From: Exit Staff
Verification Results Show Albanian Earthquake Havoc, Thousands of Houses and Apartment Blocks Collapsed or Inhabitable

Preliminary verification results one week after the November 26 earthquake has shown the havoc it wreaked on several areas in Albania. The earthquake left 51 dead.

1183 houses collapsed, 558 apartment blocks and 5497 houses were heavily damaged in the November 26 earthquake in Albania, according to government verification as of December 3. In addition, 335 apartment blocks and 3520 houses incurred slight damages.

These are the most recent data provided the Deputy Minister of Interior Rovena Voda in a press statement on Tuesday.

The ongoing verification process has resulted in 28 schools, 2 medical centers and 15 electrical substation buildings damaged so far.

Durrës, Tirana and Lezha are the most heavily affected areas.

1050 of the 1183 collapsed houses were in Durres, 131 in Tirana and 2 in Dibra.

Heavily damaged apartment blocks were in Tirana (461), Lezha (56), Durres (35), Kukes (4), Dibra (1), and Elbasan (1).

Additionally, 146 business buildings were also damaged in Tirana.

The ministry informed that 3224 people were evacuated – 1961 accommodated in hotels, 964 sheltered in tents, and 867 people were taken to social centers run by municipalities.

The government has demolished 17 damaged buildings, 9 in Durres and 8 in Thumane. The demolition of 6 more buildings is underway.